Unplex Homes

“Unplexes” are single family detached homes as viewed from the main street, with attached garages at the rear of the homes served by an alley.

In most New Urbanist single family designs, the garages are placed in the middle of the lot, thereby reducing usable rear yard space. By attaching the garages utilizing the “Unplex” design, the rear yards are larger, can be fenced and are accessible from each home and garage.

The design provides three private yards: one at the rear, one on the side (utilizing the use easement and blank wall concept) and a front yard in conjunction with a front porch. All lots are the same width and can accommodate single story ranch or two-story homes allowing any mix to meet market demand. A wide variety of two and three bedroom floor plans are offered, with varied elevation styles.
Homes vary from 1100-1850 square feet and densities average 9 units per acre.

The “Unplex” concept is a registered trademark and copyrighted. The concept cannot be utilized without written permission from David A Clinger.

Please call for latest floor plans and additional information.

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